Niki Kriese
The search is part of the process. I explore locations, looking for a precarious balance between solidity and drift. I search for images that excite me, confound me, make me want to participate in them. The found imagery references a variety of topics: my often competing life roles, the practice of art making, the uphill battle of an art career, the weirdness of suburban parenting, references to art historic heroes, or instances of pattern, grid, tension, texture. Subjects are used to explore both the formal possibilities of painting as much as the meaningfulness of their function in life.

Most of the paintings have an air of someplace abandoned, or a space that is waiting to be activated. I try to provide multiple means of egress as the viewer should be able to explore the space of the painting as one would a new location. Long winding roads, sidewalks, skate park ramps create opportunities for play, work, boredom, connection, translation. My most recent work gets inspiration from makeshift urban gardens, made from whatever materials are available. They have their own internal logic, and speak to the desire of creating growth out of decay. Multiple ways of working butt up against each other, competing threads jostle for attention. I’m interested in the parallels with art-making, and in constructing my paintings in the same layered and methodical process that a gardener would.